The FUNNIEST Day Ever in Singapore

“Great……I want to visit the Mint Museum as soon as possible”. That’s the words we  said when our teacher told us that we would visit a museum which was specially built to display various toys.

Our day was opened with breakfast in the hotel restaurant. This time we had breakfast too early. We we came to the restaurant, it was only our group there, but we kept eating our breakfast.

At 9.30 we arrived to the Mint Museum. It was a Museum of Imagination and nostalgic Times where so many various kinds of toys were displayed. The toys were from 1950′s. They were original and although they were very old they were well kept and could function very well. Now all the toys there were so  rare and were very difficult to find that their price in the auction could be thousands time of their early price. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

After visiting Mint Museum, we had lunch McDonald on  King Albert Park accompanied by some teachers from Pei Hwa. We had  big lunch and felt very full. The lunch gave us energy to do CCA activities in Pei Hwa.

Pei Hwa had some CCA activities. We joined the three of them, which are: Wushu, Tchoukball, table tennis, and Robotic. Wushu and Tchoukball needed much energy. We tried to play them well.Tchoukball was very interesting to play. It was a new game which was still strange for our ears as Indonesians. But we really enjoyed playing it.

The last class we had was Robotic class. It was a wonderful class, you know. In a group we had to build a sumo robot, and we had to make the robot as strong as possible to beat other groups’ robots. What a fantastic class!!!!!

At 4.30 we left Pei Hwa for Lucky Plaza, a shopping time.It was a time to buy some remembrance  for our family, relatives and friends in Surabaya. We closed the activities today by a long walking from Lucky Plaza to our hotel. It made us exhausted, but full of fun and unforgettable.

Exciting day in cooking class

Hey ! We’re back ! :D

It has been 3 days for us to study in Kuo Chuan. Why we said like that ? Because all of us have already felt ‘home sweet home’ here . We have already adapted with Kuo Chuan situation.

Art Class

Adelaide & Enrika

Cooking Explanation

Today we would like to tell you about our activities , cooking class!! yey !! :) It was so exciting because we learnt how to make scones. It was quite easy . In the cooking class we felt very excited because it is not about the result , but it’s about the togetherness among us. The teacher taught us to make some scones. She is a good teacher , she taught us step by step so we could understand how to make it. After that she asked us to practice to make it by our selves. Here it is , the result of our scones ! :p

The Process of making the Scones

Will-I-Am making the Scones

The Scones

While we were waiting for the bus , we joined the choir class. Kuo Chuan students are preparing for the choir competition in April . Woww! The choir is awesome . They are very amazing.

At 5 o’clock, the bus came and we went to Takashimaya to have dinner. Then , we walked around Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza.  We bought a couple of clothes and souvenirs for our family. While we were walking back to the hotel on Orchard Road, a funny thing happened ! Our teacher got a ‘special‘ PRESENT from a bird. It is the……. POO !! It was on her blouse !! YUMMY :p But, she still kept smiling. Because today we had a lot of fun ! And this is our photo while we are having fun on Orchard Road :)

On Orchard Road :)

Okay guys , that’s all about us today.. see you tomorrow !

Our Fourth Day in Singapore

Today , we couldn’t get up early as usual because last night we slept at 12 o’clock. As usual , we went to KCPSS.

After we arrived at the school ,  the KCPians(all parts of the KCPSS called KCPians) were having a Morning Assemble. We also joined them. We saw some of the students were late. The students were punished by the teachers. They had to stand up around the hall  and the teachers wrote down their name in their  attendant list.  Then , we went to our buddies’ class. Another boring activities. But , this time was different , because we got cooking lesson. After the cooking lesson. We made ‘whole nut scones’. Its taste was ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo yummyyy.  We ate the scones with cream and strawberry jam. Later , we also saw the Choir of  KCPSS. So , we went home a little late than usual , at 5 o’clock.

We felt very hungry. So we went to Takashimaya to have  dinner. Bef ore having dinner , our friends bought some pork (Bee Cheng Hiang). We also made the report in Takashimaya Foodcourt.

Well , now we full filled with fuel again. So , we decided to continue our trip to Lucky Plaza. We walked there for a long time. We felt tired. Then we went back to the hotel and we updated our report. Finally we went to bed… zZzzZz…

Just wait for our next adventures.. see u tomorrow :p

Meilisa and Raymond with their buddies in art class ^^

Claudia and Raymond in cooking class ^^

taraaa.. our yummy sconess.. wanna try huh?? :p

with our beloved buddies in cooking class...

FUN-tastic Experience !

We can’t went to Pei Hwa school because they had Christian Program in the morning, so firstly we went to Mint Museum.But before that,we were waiting for the bus in the hotel.At the Mint Museum ,we saw a lot of toys.They are very cool.They explained about the history of each toys.During the tour,we took a lot of pictures.And now,we want to show you some of the pictures.By the way,the tour guide was very nice to us.Then we had lunch at McDonald with Ms.Jennifer and Mr.Moiz,they gave us a lot of food.We had eat each burger and a hill made out of french fries.And that was only for 5 people !!? We thought that maybe we’re gonna exploded !……….Then we went for a walk to  Pei Hwa school and had CCA lesson such as: wushu and robotic.We had a lot of fun.After that ,we went to Lucky Plaza to buy some souvenirs and had dinner there.We went back to the hotel by bus.We had a lot of fantastic experience today.We hope you love our report. Good-bye !:D

Mint Museum


From group 2…

Group 2

So Delicious

It’s Wednesday!

-At hotel-
We woke up at 05.00. Then we had breakfast at 07.00.We ate so many,the foods were all delicious. After that we waited at the lobby and we also took some pictures… .We road the bus and went to the Mint Museum of toys.
-At the museum-
We saw many old and rare toys.Few of them are really expensive.Even though the toys are old the toys still look new and cared.All of the staffs really take a good care of the toys.Then we bought many strange toys that we never seen before.After that we waited for the bus.We went to Mc Donald by bus after that.
-At MC Donald-
We had lunch.We got the food that we already ordered yesterday.After we ate our food,Miss Jenifer bought us some ice cream .its Really yummy!
-At school-
We joined some Extracuricular or CCA…
Such as Wushu and Robotic…It was absolutely fun and new for us…
After doing the CCA..We went to Lucky Plaza and bought some souvenirs.

We think thats all from us today.Thanks for reading our journal today.We are really happy to share our story..Byeee

Group 1


New !!!

Bapak & Ibu Orang tua siswa Yth,

Sehubungan dengan sulitnya koneksi internet di hotel, maka kami mohon maaf tidak bisa menampilkan foto – foto kegiatan yang diikuti siswa.

Terima kasih

Endra Kriswanto

Third Day in Singapore

Tuesday, 15th February 2011

The Third Day in Singapore

Today we woke up at 05.00 o’ clock. After we have breakfast, the bus arrived at 07.15. We went to Kuo Chuan to drop the junior high school students. After that we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Today we have sience lesson.

After lunch, we go to farm visit @ lim Chu Kang Kranji. We learn how to plant the plants, especially vegetable in Singapore. They use Aeroponic Method, similar to hydroponic, but the media is the air.

We went also to Plaza Singapura to have dinner and shoping.

By Michael, David, Jeremy.

Bapak & Ibu Orang tua siswa Yth,

Sehubungan dengan sulitnya koneksi internet di hotel, maka kami mohon maaf tidak bisa menampilkan foto -  foto kegiatan yang diikuti siswa.

Terima kasih.

Endra Kriswanto (Pendamping)

2nd Day: Tiring but inspiring

Like yesterday, we had to wake up early. Although we had a little bit problem to wake up in the morning due to our body clock was still set to the Surabaya time, we forced ourselves to be ready for the 2nd day programs. After a delicious breakfast, we all went to Pei Hwa School by bus. The first program was PE class, so we went to the hall and did our PE lesson happily. Ms Jennifer conducted the PE lesson creatively. We played games which were actually the parts of the lesson. I’s very enjoyable.

The next class, English class, was also interesting because we learned English not only by reading or writing but also by doing. We learned  a procedure text about how to make a rocket balloon. Again, in her class, Ms. Jennifer could make us learn happily.

The last lesson we had today was  science in which we learned about Kinetic energy. We went to the schoolyard to play basket and table tennis balls to prove that there was an energy in a moving things.

After lunch we all visited  Lim Chu Kang, Kranji. It was a modern farm which was claimed to be the first farm in Singapore which used  the aeroponic farming method . This way of  farming was using water sprayed to the roots of the plants, in this case vegetables, to make them grow well. It was inspiring way of farming.

We closed the 2nd day in Pei Hwa happily. We felt tired but we got  lots of things  inspiring us…………

2nd day at Kuo Cuan

in the Kranji Farm

This morning when we came to Kuo Chuan, the students were having ceremony at the backyard. They were singing “Majulah Singapura”. Then we went to our class with our buddies.

Heidi with Chantel  buddies ‘name Heidi at 2Love class then they studied Chinese Language, English, guitar, and the last lesson was History. She also had a geographic test. Unfortunately, Chantel threw up and caught flu today. But they can still go outing.

Clarence also went to the same class, with Isaac Tan and Terrence Tan. She learnt Chinese, Science, English, and Cooking.

Actually, I (Santi) had two buddies. They were Karishma and Lester. My first buddy was Kari (called name) and Lester was Raymond second buddy but Raymond forgot that he (Lester) was his buddy. Me, Kari and Lester were in the same class and we were so close. So Lester pretend that he was my buddies: p. And actually i was happy because I had 2 buddies and were in the same class. So more buddies more exciting! :D

Then, Lazuardi went with Nadia and Ace in Sec 3 Love. They attended Chemistry test, Social studies, History class, Accounting class, and Math class

Today, Biondi’s buddy was absent. So, he changed with Farah, which has gone to Indonesia for exchange program too. And she wanted Biondi to learned Indonesia language. Biondi had a biology test too. “This test is very hard. I haven’t studied this lesson yet.” Biondi said.

After the school time, we all went to the Kranji Farm. We learnt about aeroponic plants. We also watch a “funny video”, tried some free juice tester, and their organic planted lettuce.

When we already got around the farm, we went to Takasimaya for dinner and some shopping. We also play some lucky games but none of us won the game. Hehehehe..

So then we go home and have some rest cause we were very tired. So see you again tomorrow. We need to sleep. Bye bye!

Kranji Farm with my all of friend

Di pagi hari

in the classroom

Farm Visit With The Buddies


Happy valentine, mom & dad :) we love u so much. Sorry, we forgot to say it yesterday, but from the deep of our heart we always love you :D

Aeroponic plants

As usual, before 8 a.m. we already arrived in Ku0 Chuan. And we directly gather in the basketball to follow the morning assembly. After that, our buddies picked us up and brought us to the class. Some of us were worried because today we got some test such as chemistry, geography, math and economics. But….. HOORRAAAYYYY !!!! The teacher only asked us to do the test but they didn’t give the mark. Huufffttttt, we felt relieved :)

Today our group studied social studies, chemistry, economics, art, music, geography, history, english, physics, math, science and languages.

Grows without soil

At 2 p.m., we went to visit the hydroponics farm, Lim Chu Kang, Kranji. There, we learnt about farm technology and we had a farm tour. The person in charged showed us around the farm and explained everything about hydroponics plants. After that we were served with lettuce salad, butter head juice and aloe vera honey. Actually, we still had another farm tour but unfortunately it started raining so we decided not to go there. Hikss..Hikss..Hiksss :( We directly went to Plaza Singapura to have dinner together because we were already hungry. We felt happy because we could go for sight-seeing for a while. Before the dinner, some of us bought some gifts for our buddies.

That’s all, mom and dad….

Bye mom… Bye dad…

Here we are before………. TAKE A SHOWER !!!!! :D :p

Always happy :)