Just as the usual, we went to Kuo Chuan Secondary school. Today Biondi went back with his old buddy, Marie. He was at the same class with Gilbert, our friend. He had English, Principal of Accounts (POA), Chinese, and Chemistry subjects. Biondi was very boring in the POA and Chinese lessons. And he fell asleep when the POA teacher was explaining the lesson. He ate at the canteen two times, and his buddy got surprised.

After Character building Heidi went to her class as usual, 2love. She learned Chinese class, History: Discussion about the founder of Singapore ( Very interesting and exciting ), Math, Esthetic, English. When Heidi In 2Love her buddy is Chantel, but when outing she with Lily.

Santi with Kari and Lester studied the first lesson : Chinese at 2love, then she went back to class 2patience to have EXP lesson (English), break at canteen, went back to class to have geo class with test, then PE theory class about metabolism, go to music room to have music lesson about how to use the guitar. Buddies: Kari and Lester

Then Clare went to the same class again. She couldn’t really remember all the lessons she had. But there was Math class for sure.

After the class was over, Biondi, Peter, Matthew, Ardi, and Gilbert, had a duel of basketball with Kuo Chuan’s student. The game was very exciting. The Kuo Chuan’s student just scored one point. And we got so many scores just now. But Peter had a bad luck today. The ball slammed his face and his glasses were broken.

Today, we had a special cooking class. We made Scone cakes. That’s quite easy to make that. But our group separated up into four groups. We joined with our friend from other groups. The scoops tasted very salty. Fortunately, the cook gave us raspberry jam to make it better tasted. But, the scoops are still not delicious. The scoops that Biondi made wasn’t like a normal scoop. They were freak. Santi, Clare, and Heidi’s cake were freak.

This night, our group went to Takashimaya mall to have a dinner and went for shopping. The students were very happy. We felt so tired after we want to back to our hotel. So that is all from us today, see you tomorrow.

At Physic Lab

cooking class

Biondi at cooking lab

Ardi cutting the butter

the freak scone"

waiting for the freak scone...

all together