Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today, we woke up not too early, because we went to school in the afternoon. We went to Mint Museum in the morning. There were so many old toys, like robots, doll, cars, action figures and so many other old toys. We were very happy because we can saw so many old toys. And we can bought some toys. We bought Barrel o’ slime, finger puppet, yo-yo , toy knife, fake cockroach, tic-tac- toe, water gun, invisible spray, and so many toys. After that we ate at McDonald. We made a “French Fries Mountain” and then we ate the “French Fries Mountain” We were very full. We ate burgers, French fries, and cone ice cream. Next we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We learnt CCA like wu shu , tchouk Ball, table tennis and robotic. We learnt basic moves at wu shu class . We were very happy because we can play tchouk ball, tchouk ball was very exciting. After that we went on a table tennis class. But, we can’t play Table Tennis. But we had fun. Next we went to a robotic class. In the Robotic lesson we learnt how to make robot. We make a sumo robot with our group. And then we fought the Sumo Robot. Next we picked up the Junior High School students at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. After that we went to Lucky Plaza, we bought souvenirs and clothes. And then we go back to the hotel. After that we take our bath. And we prepared for performances for tomorrow. And then we slept well.