“Great……I want to visit the Mint Museum as soon as possible”. That’s the words we  said when our teacher told us that we would visit a museum which was specially built to display various toys.

Our day was opened with breakfast in the hotel restaurant. This time we had breakfast too early. We we came to the restaurant, it was only our group there, but we kept eating our breakfast.

At 9.30 we arrived to the Mint Museum. It was a Museum of Imagination and nostalgic Times where so many various kinds of toys were displayed. The toys were from 1950′s. They were original and although they were very old they were well kept and could function very well. Now all the toys there were so  rare and were very difficult to find that their price in the auction could be thousands time of their early price. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

After visiting Mint Museum, we had lunch McDonald on  King Albert Park accompanied by some teachers from Pei Hwa. We had  big lunch and felt very full. The lunch gave us energy to do CCA activities in Pei Hwa.

Pei Hwa had some CCA activities. We joined the three of them, which are: Wushu, Tchoukball, table tennis, and Robotic. Wushu and Tchoukball needed much energy. We tried to play them well.Tchoukball was very interesting to play. It was a new game which was still strange for our ears as Indonesians. But we really enjoyed playing it.

The last class we had was Robotic class. It was a wonderful class, you know. In a group we had to build a sumo robot, and we had to make the robot as strong as possible to beat other groups’ robots. What a fantastic class!!!!!

At 4.30 we left Pei Hwa for Lucky Plaza, a shopping time.It was a time to buy some remembrance  for our family, relatives and friends in Surabaya. We closed the activities today by a long walking from Lucky Plaza to our hotel. It made us exhausted, but full of fun and unforgettable.