Hey ! We’re back ! :D

It has been 3 days for us to study in Kuo Chuan. Why we said like that ? Because all of us have already felt ‘home sweet home’ here . We have already adapted with Kuo Chuan situation.

Art Class

Adelaide & Enrika

Cooking Explanation

Today we would like to tell you about our activities , cooking class!! yey !! :) It was so exciting because we learnt how to make scones. It was quite easy . In the cooking class we felt very excited because it is not about the result , but it’s about the togetherness among us. The teacher taught us to make some scones. She is a good teacher , she taught us step by step so we could understand how to make it. After that she asked us to practice to make it by our selves. Here it is , the result of our scones ! :p

The Process of making the Scones

Will-I-Am making the Scones

The Scones

While we were waiting for the bus , we joined the choir class. Kuo Chuan students are preparing for the choir competition in April . Woww! The choir is awesome . They are very amazing.

At 5 o’clock, the bus came and we went to Takashimaya to have dinner. Then , we walked around Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza.  We bought a couple of clothes and souvenirs for our family. While we were walking back to the hotel on Orchard Road, a funny thing happened ! Our teacher got a ‘special‘ PRESENT from a bird. It is the……. POO !! It was on her blouse !! YUMMY :p But, she still kept smiling. Because today we had a lot of fun ! And this is our photo while we are having fun on Orchard Road :)

On Orchard Road :)

Okay guys , that’s all about us today.. see you tomorrow !