Today , we couldn’t get up early as usual because last night we slept at 12 o’clock. As usual , we went to KCPSS.

After we arrived at the school ,  the KCPians(all parts of the KCPSS called KCPians) were having a Morning Assemble. We also joined them. We saw some of the students were late. The students were punished by the teachers. They had to stand up around the hall  and the teachers wrote down their name in their  attendant list.  Then , we went to our buddies’ class. Another boring activities. But , this time was different , because we got cooking lesson. After the cooking lesson. We made ‘whole nut scones’. Its taste was ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo yummyyy.  We ate the scones with cream and strawberry jam. Later , we also saw the Choir of  KCPSS. So , we went home a little late than usual , at 5 o’clock.

We felt very hungry. So we went to Takashimaya to have  dinner. Bef ore having dinner , our friends bought some pork (Bee Cheng Hiang). We also made the report in Takashimaya Foodcourt.

Well , now we full filled with fuel again. So , we decided to continue our trip to Lucky Plaza. We walked there for a long time. We felt tired. Then we went back to the hotel and we updated our report. Finally we went to bed… zZzzZz…

Just wait for our next adventures.. see u tomorrow :p

Meilisa and Raymond with their buddies in art class ^^

Claudia and Raymond in cooking class ^^

taraaa.. our yummy sconess.. wanna try huh?? :p

with our beloved buddies in cooking class...