-At hotel-
We woke up at 05.00. Then we had breakfast at 07.00.We ate so many,the foods were all delicious. After that we waited at the lobby and we also took some pictures… .We road the bus and went to the Mint Museum of toys.
-At the museum-
We saw many old and rare toys.Few of them are really expensive.Even though the toys are old the toys still look new and cared.All of the staffs really take a good care of the toys.Then we bought many strange toys that we never seen before.After that we waited for the bus.We went to Mc Donald by bus after that.
-At MC Donald-
We had lunch.We got the food that we already ordered yesterday.After we ate our food,Miss Jenifer bought us some ice cream .its Really yummy!
-At school-
We joined some Extracuricular or CCA…
Such as Wushu and Robotic…It was absolutely fun and new for us…
After doing the CCA..We went to Lucky Plaza and bought some souvenirs.

We think thats all from us today.Thanks for reading our journal today.We are really happy to share our story..Byeee

Group 1