We can’t went to Pei Hwa school because they had Christian Program in the morning, so firstly we went to Mint Museum.But before that,we were waiting for the bus in the hotel.At the Mint Museum ,we saw a lot of toys.They are very cool.They explained about the history of each toys.During the tour,we took a lot of pictures.And now,we want to show you some of the pictures.By the way,the tour guide was very nice to us.Then we had lunch at McDonald with Ms.Jennifer and Mr.Moiz,they gave us a lot of food.We had eat each burger and a hill made out of french fries.And that was only for 5 people !!? We thought that maybe we’re gonna exploded !……….Then we went for a walk to ¬†Pei Hwa school and had CCA lesson such as: wushu and robotic.We had a lot of fun.After that ,we went to Lucky Plaza to buy some souvenirs and had dinner there.We went back to the hotel by bus.We had a lot of¬†fantastic experience today.We hope you love our report. Good-bye !:D

Mint Museum


From group 2…

Group 2

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