Tuesday, 15th February 2011

The Third Day in Singapore

Today we woke up at 05.00 o’ clock. After we have breakfast, the bus arrived at 07.15. We went to Kuo Chuan to drop the junior high school students. After that we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Today we have sience lesson.

After lunch, we go to farm visit @ lim Chu Kang Kranji. We learn how to plant the plants, especially vegetable in Singapore. They use Aeroponic Method, similar to hydroponic, but the media is the air.

We went also to Plaza Singapura to have dinner and shoping.

By Michael, David, Jeremy.

Bapak & Ibu Orang tua siswa Yth,

Sehubungan dengan sulitnya koneksi internet di hotel, maka kami mohon maaf tidak bisa menampilkan foto -  foto kegiatan yang diikuti siswa.

Terima kasih.

Endra Kriswanto (Pendamping)