Like yesterday, we had to wake up early. Although we had a little bit problem to wake up in the morning due to our body clock was still set to the Surabaya time, we forced ourselves to be ready for the 2nd day programs. After a delicious breakfast, we all went to Pei Hwa School by bus. The first program was PE class, so we went to the hall and did our PE lesson happily. Ms Jennifer conducted the PE lesson creatively. We played games which were actually the parts of the lesson. I’s very enjoyable.

The next class, English class, was also interesting because we learned English not only by reading or writing but also by doing. We learned  a procedure text about how to make a rocket balloon. Again, in her class, Ms. Jennifer could make us learn happily.

The last lesson we had today was  science in which we learned about Kinetic energy. We went to the schoolyard to play basket and table tennis balls to prove that there was an energy in a moving things.

After lunch we all visited  Lim Chu Kang, Kranji. It was a modern farm which was claimed to be the first farm in Singapore which used  the aeroponic farming method . This way of  farming was using water sprayed to the roots of the plants, in this case vegetables, to make them grow well. It was inspiring way of farming.

We closed the 2nd day in Pei Hwa happily. We felt tired but we got  lots of things  inspiring us…………