in the Kranji Farm

This morning when we came to Kuo Chuan, the students were having ceremony at the backyard. They were singing “Majulah Singapura”. Then we went to our class with our buddies.

Heidi with Chantel  buddies ‘name Heidi at 2Love class then they studied Chinese Language, English, guitar, and the last lesson was History. She also had a geographic test. Unfortunately, Chantel threw up and caught flu today. But they can still go outing.

Clarence also went to the same class, with Isaac Tan and Terrence Tan. She learnt Chinese, Science, English, and Cooking.

Actually, I (Santi) had two buddies. They were Karishma and Lester. My first buddy was Kari (called name) and Lester was Raymond second buddy but Raymond forgot that he (Lester) was his buddy. Me, Kari and Lester were in the same class and we were so close. So Lester pretend that he was my buddies: p. And actually i was happy because I had 2 buddies and were in the same class. So more buddies more exciting! :D

Then, Lazuardi went with Nadia and Ace in Sec 3 Love. They attended Chemistry test, Social studies, History class, Accounting class, and Math class

Today, Biondi’s buddy was absent. So, he changed with Farah, which has gone to Indonesia for exchange program too. And she wanted Biondi to learned Indonesia language. Biondi had a biology test too. “This test is very hard. I haven’t studied this lesson yet.” Biondi said.

After the school time, we all went to the Kranji Farm. We learnt about aeroponic plants. We also watch a “funny video”, tried some free juice tester, and their organic planted lettuce.

When we already got around the farm, we went to Takasimaya for dinner and some shopping. We also play some lucky games but none of us won the game. Hehehehe..

So then we go home and have some rest cause we were very tired. So see you again tomorrow. We need to sleep. Bye bye!

Kranji Farm with my all of friend

Di pagi hari

in the classroom