Happy valentine, mom & dad :) we love u so much. Sorry, we forgot to say it yesterday, but from the deep of our heart we always love you :D

Aeroponic plants

As usual, before 8 a.m. we already arrived in Ku0 Chuan. And we directly gather in the basketball to follow the morning assembly. After that, our buddies picked us up and brought us to the class. Some of us were worried because today we got some test such as chemistry, geography, math and economics. But….. HOORRAAAYYYY !!!! The teacher only asked us to do the test but they didn’t give the mark. Huufffttttt, we felt relieved :)

Today our group studied social studies, chemistry, economics, art, music, geography, history, english, physics, math, science and languages.

Grows without soil

At 2 p.m., we went to visit the hydroponics farm, Lim Chu Kang, Kranji. There, we learnt about farm technology and we had a farm tour. The person in charged showed us around the farm and explained everything about hydroponics plants. After that we were served with lettuce salad, butter head juice and aloe vera honey. Actually, we still had another farm tour but unfortunately it started raining so we decided not to go there. Hikss..Hikss..Hiksss :( We directly went to Plaza Singapura to have dinner together because we were already hungry. We felt happy because we could go for sight-seeing for a while. Before the dinner, some of us bought some gifts for our buddies.

That’s all, mom and dad….

Bye mom… Bye dad…

Here we are before………. TAKE A SHOWER !!!!! :D :p

Always happy :)