The next day came … We woke up at 4 a.m and took a bath as usual. We had breakfast at the hotel. Hm .. The food is so delicious. We were ready to do our activities again.

Another day in Kuo Chuan was interesting but it was really tiring . We studied more than yesterday. Some of us got the test but the teacher didn’t check it, because we haven’t studied yet. We also had more chit chat with another and it was very fun.
There’s a music lesson today. The teachers taught us how to play a guitar. We thought that we could enjoy the lesson. Our lovely buddies were so friendly and accompanied us every single minute there. Then at 2pm we went to farm with our beloved buddies.
But we didin’t see any animals. Instead of plants. We enjoyed our time there.

After that we went to Singapore Plaza. We bought gifts for our buddies. We also ate there. Then we went back to hotel on foot. This day was really fun.

After arriving at the hotel, we changed our clothes and we wrote a report for today and we were going to sleep. Huh .. Tiring day but unforgetable for us.

who is that??