- At the hotel-
we woke up in a beautiful day. We had breakfast and waited at the lobby. When the bus came, we road the bus to Kuo Chuan then to Pei Hwa.

- At Pei Hwa -
Today, we had a PE lesson with ms. Jennifer. We played some games. Such as : Captain’s ball, Eagle and chicken, etc. We had so much fun. After that, we did an experiment ” The Balloon Rocket ” We had a competition. Sophie’s group won. Then, we learned science about ” Energy ” Then we had lunch and rode the bus to “Lim Chu Kang” Farm.

-At Lim Chu Kang Farm-
We saw so many plants.We got suprised when a chamellion jumped out from the dragon fruit plant.We can add our knowledge about plants.At the farm,there are 2 systems for watering plants,Hydroponic & Aeroponic.
Then we watched a film with a titile “Mission Possible”.It is about farms in Singapore.After that we got back to the hotel.
This is the photos from our activities today:

Well we think that’s all from us…

Thanks for reading..


Group 1