This morning we woke up at 5.30 a.m and we prepared everything for studying in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian secondary school. We had breakfast at 6.40 a.m. and the food was delicious.  Then we went to Kuo Chuan by bus.

After we arrived in front of the hall of KCPSS, our buddies came to greet us. We were so happy so as they were. Then they taught us to have games. The games were funny and we were happy to play with them. After that we joined the lessons in the class for about 4 hours. Then we had recess time in the canteen. Some of us were eating and the others were playing. After the bell rang we had to be back to our class. The lessons finished at 2.00 p.m. and we went to Marina Bay Sands and then Marina Barrage.

Marina Bay Sands is a mall and the biggest casino in Singapore. We could walk around the mall and saw some activities of the casino.

Next, we went to the Marina Barrage. Here there was a woman who thought us about the reservoir of Singapore. She told us 4 things where is the water comes from in Singapore. Those were sea, river, import from the other countries, and new water. She also told us the history of the reservoir in Singapore which started from 1930 until now. Marina Barrage inside is so amazing. We were satisfied to come to this place. We were so hungry and we ate at the food court. Finally we made a report at McDonald and we were going back to our hotel. We slept well.

So now let’s see our photos …

At Marina Bay Sands

Let's enjoy the scenery here !!