in canteen

Kuo Chuan OMG :o ! That school is so big. It’s wide about 3 times from our school at Petra. 5.30 am my alarm rang. Actually, I was still tired. But that day was our first day at KCPSS. Quickly, me and all my friends woke up and directly took a bath. We ate breakfast and quickly went to KCPSS.

While we were arriving there, the buddies have waited for us. They were so surprised when we arrived. We were directly introducing our self one by one. Then we divided into several groups with 2 buddies on one group.

Then we joined the icebreaking. And all of us enjoyed the games because it’s so fun! After played all the games we go to the canteen to buy some drink. Then we when back to the hall to joined the character building with all of Kuo chuan students. And then we follow our buddies to go to our class.

We separated in some different classes. Santi at 2Great taught Cooking class, Science, Math. Heidi at 2Love learned Math, English, Cooking class. Lazuardy 3Love learned Math, English, Social study. Biondi at 3Hope learned Math, English, and Computer. And Clarence at 2 Joy taught Physical Education, English, History class, Science. We attend all their lessons until 2 p.m. The class was great with modern stuffs such like camera LCD and laptop.

We went to Marine Bay Sands to saw Casino and other things there in the mall. And then we went to Marina Barrage for a study tour. There was a woman who gave us explanation about historical of water at Singapore. We really love to see Singapore’s History. She told about the NEWater, water cycle. That was interesting, interesting, and unforgettable experience.

in cantin with our buddies

Boys students in action :D

Marina Bay