Monday,14 February 2011

Happy Valentine!!!We’re so glad we can celebrate Valentine”s Day at Singapore
-05.00 AM
We got up at 5 am…We were so happy!! Because were going to study at Pei Hwa school. At 06.00 am we gathered at Angela’s room and go together to the restaurant to have breakfast. After breakfast we waited the bus at the lobby.When the bus came,we road the bus to Kuo Chuan and then to Pei Hwa school.

-08.00 AM

We arrived at Pei Hwa.But,we had to wait for an hour cause our lesson starts at 09.00 AM.But,the principal asked us go to the auditorium so we didn’t bored.The principal,Ms.Foo,described about Singapore.After that,we were on the school tour..The teacher explained so much things about Pei Hwa.So intresting!!

things in the Chinese Gallery at Pei Hwa this is one of the things that we saw in Pei Hwa’s Chinese Gallery

Then we had a morning tea.Our buddies from the last year’s exchange programme at Surabaya came..We really missed them.What a really wonderful moment..After that,we started the lesson

We finished our school today.We continued our journey to Marina Bay Sands and Marina Barrage.In Marina Barrage ,we learn about how  important water is.Marina Barrage has 6 Gallery’s,there we saw a prototype..Its so cool.
After that we went back to the bus and came  back to the hotel.

Bye thats all from us in Singapore


Group 1