Today is our 1st day to go to school at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We are all very excited . We studied from 9 o’clock until 01 o’clock in the afternoon.

During school times, we learn about art , mathematics , science , and english. They told us about their school. We met a lot of new friends there . After we had lunch we went to Marina Barrage. they told us how to make the new water . we get a companied by a teacher from Pei Hwa and her name is Jennifer.

The Marina Barrage has 3 fold benefits; recharge , regulate, and relax .we go there because so we can combined our process at school

Then we got to back to our hotel by bus and went to our each different room.

We think that as soon as we learn something , the soon as we get to the next level .

This is what we do today.

from: group 2