Today is a special day for us. We have met in Juanda Internasional Airport at 8 ơ’clock in the ‎​​morning but, wait! We have to wait our fellows.

smiling together.. ciss :) :)

How come? The plane of ours has been delayed till 10:50.. No matter it was.. We still caught laughing and joking each other, while we were waiting for him, some tour guides in providing our departure gave us some instructions. Oh thank God! Here he is now. We could check gladly.. There.. We waited in the waiting room. We took a lot of photos, everyone looked so happy..

look at this one..

This is the photo of our group while we were waiting at International Juanda Airport

Time was so fast.. Unpredictable.. After hanging our time at gate 9.. Now was the time to get on our plane.. Yes.. Silk air MI-222.. The stewardesses were so kind.. They served us patiently.. Even we expected for playing cards.. They seemed happy to serve us.. Approximately an hour and 50 minutes we were going to Changi International Airport..

So many process that we should do before we could get to the bus.. The tour guider was so familiarly guide us..

Well, it’s time to had lunch..
We went to Seoul Garden, they sold korean foods like Hanamasa. We ate much there.. We did some visit here.. So sad.. The legendary Statue of Merlion is being repaired.. We walked around to see Esplanade Building, and we took some pictures there. After that we went back to hotel to take a bath. Then, we had dinner in the Food court near our hotel. It was so tiring, but we still made report for our lovely parents in Indonesia.

Wonderful :D

see u soon :)