“Come on! Group 1! Let’s take some photos!” said Ms. Theresia, our group’s teacher. We took the best photo angle immediately and we made some crazy poses.

The delay time gave us at least an hour to take photos as many as possible. after a group photo session, we heard a call from central to go to boarding room and get ready for a flight.

Soon after that, we went on the plane and having a good time together. We also played cards to shorten the spare time. That was great because we feel even closer after that.

The flight was taking 2hours and 15 minutes. and then we went for a short tour around Merlion statue. we took a lot of photos. that was a very long tour on foot to Merlion statue and unfortunately the statue was being renovated.  Oh no, we were disapointed.

after we got tired, we went back to hotel and play another card games. We also prepared for tomorrow’s school. we went to shop and had dinner together. now we feel like a new family.

we can’t wait for another experiences. we will report our next adventure. see you again tomorrow.


  1. mami Tere
  2. Cece Santi
  3. Cece Heidi
  4. Cece Claren
  5. Koko Lazuardi
  6. Koko Biondi