At "Durian Montong" Buliding

The "Big Cute" William

An exciting day begins friends. Today we feel a little bit tired but we are very excited because we are in Singapore !!

At 02.30 Singapore time, we arrived. Because our plane was delayed . As soon as we arrived in Singapore. We had lunch at Seoul Garden, All You Can Eat and all of us ate a lot. After that we took a walk around the Lion City. We were a little bit disappointed, because couldn’t take photos of the Merlion Statue, since it was under renovation. But we felt a little bit  happy, cause we have the BIG CUTE William with us :) Then , we kept walking to the big ” Momtong Durian ” a.k.a the Esplanade Theatre.

After almost 2 hours, we went to the Concorde Hotel , took a bath, and prepared for dinner.

We went to the food court near the hotel. We showed our togetherness by choosing the same chinese food witch is very delicious. After eating , we went back to the hotel and made the report. We went back to our own rooms to have a nice sleep. Wow. A wonderful day it is. See you tomorrow !!