-08.00 WIB
We gathered at Juanda International Airport,Surabaya.
This is the day that we are waiting for.This was the day that we are going to Singapore,after waiting and waiting,some of us were bored,so we sang some songs.Unfortunately,our flight was delayed.And we waited for 50 minutes,AH,SO BORING!!!
Finally,our flight came. We were so happy.Hoaaraayy!!!
-11.25 WIB
We almost forgot.We went to Singapore with Silk Air,MI 221.

-14.23 WIT

We finally landed!We’re so happy!We can’t believe we are in the beautiful city of Singapore!!!We did somethings…After getting off the plane..

But,it took so long again!!After that,We rode the bus go to the ”Seoul Garden” restaurant..Pricillia and Angela were cooking noodles..

After that,we went to Merlion statue and Esplanade Theatre..But we just took picture of the Esplanade Theatre coz the Merlion statue is in renovation..

OK That’s all from us..