17 feb 2011

it’s our last day at KCPSS.  We are very sad that we have to leave from this amazing school. For the last day, we have lesson only until 11 o’clock. For that day, the sec 2 students have a health check at the nursery room. Santi and Peter class also have it but, they don’t need to have the health check. They just wait for the class until the lunch break. Heidi at 2Love was learning  PE lesson, Chinese class, Science discovery.

At the lunch break, all of the petra exchange srudents gatherd at the canteen and wait until the lunch break are finished. Then the buddies took us to go to the hall to have some rehearsel for the performence. We practice until at 12.30. Then the performance start with a speech from raymond, a dayak dance from enrika, gilbert, matthew, melisa, raymond, alex, heidi, santi, william, and audi “Yamko Rambe Yamko”. Audi became a MC for this show. Last but not least, an instrumental song from peter, albert, lazuardi, biondi, and shirley. They played the Rek Ayo Rek song. After finished, we said Thank You for KCPSS.

After the show, the teacher took us to the canteen and have a lunch meal with our buddies. Then we sang Nobody Love us song. For the first we can sing it very well but, then all of us cry out loud. We were very sad at that time. We also gave them some gift as our remembrance. after that we took a photo then enter the bus to go to the universal studio.

Then the Universal studio hwaaaa. it was so biiggg!! bigger than we have thought. we were so excited. For the first we saw the monsters rock show. You know it right? It’s about the monster s that have a rock concert, so funny hahaha. They sang It’s my life, Nobody from Wonder girls, You give love a bad name, etc. Then we entered the movie film making. It was so coolll!! aargg really2 great!!and we played the biggest roller coaster for two times!! hahaha for the first time we rode the human type.. it was so scary but it was fun too. the roller coaster moved so fast that we don’t where we were. then for the second time we rode the cylon tipe. for the cylon tipe were hanging. and it was scarier than we thought. Then we went to the Egypt zone. We rode the roller coaster too but it was not scary at all. Gilbert, Peter, Heidi, Santi, Meillisa, Claudia played Cyclon, thats why we were late for Water World show.

all of us :)

the pharaoh's tomb guard

all wet hahaha. At far2 away kingdom

After riding the mummy roller coaster, we saw the waterworld show. And for the grand Finalee. We rode the rapid at the jurassic zone. After playing that

we were all wet. The Junior High school students were seperated with The Elementary school students. Because the Elementary school students were went to Far Far Away.

Then we went to far fart away too for took photo. Then went to Sentosa to ate. The food was very delicious. At 8.30 we saw a amazing performace at the beach. Its is name Song Of The Sea. The story was about the young boy who wanted to woke a princess up from curse. This story began when a few of young people sang, run, and dance. One of the man had a magic and beautiful voice which can made miracles. It waaaassss amaaaazzzziiiing.

Song Of The Sea

Song Of The Sea

After that we went back to hotel. Because it was the last night we there, so we played card before slept. Thats why we slept late. ^^