appear together in the capsul @ Singapore Flyer

together in capsule

oh no :(

it’s the time for us to leave singapore, i said. Actually we still want to stay at singapore for next few days. But it’s already scheduled long time ago. We must went to Changi Airport. But before we went to Changi Airport, we went to the Singapore Flyer first. It was a last great moment with our friends before we separated. Then we ate lunch at the Hooters. the food there are very dellicious. So we enjoyed our last few hours happily. Then, we went to Changi Airport. When we arrived there, our several buddies were waiting for us. So they were miss us so much. One of my friend, Matthew got many present from his beloved buddies. He was so surprise and happy plus impressed. Then we separated one and the other. Buddies went to their home and we went back to Surabaya. That was very exciting week at Singapore. we back to Surabaya safely.

Ok that all our wonderful experiences. See you later :)