Morning.. morning.. we were in our last day in KCPSS. Ohhh… today was a hard day for us. We had to separate with our buddies. 

As usual we got up at 5.30 o’clock. We just joined the lesson from 8-11 o’clock, because we had to exercise for our performances.

The time had come, for us to show our performances to our buddies and also our friends. Raymond felt a little nervous before his speech. But he had done well. We also perform a song and a dance from Papua, Yamko Rambe Yamko. All of the students were appreciate our performances. Even though the teachers wanted us to teach her that dance. :D :D

After that we went to the canteen. We had lunch together with our beloved buddies. Then it was the time for us to sang a song for our beloved buddies. We couldn’t stand to cry. We couldn’t sing well. Our buddies cried too. LL. We really had to separate with our beloved buddies. Not just our beloved buddies but also with our friends in KCPSS. We got a lot of gift and letters from our buddies and friends.

Yeah the bad time had over and now we wanted to have fun. We went to Universal Studio in Sentosa Island. We played a lot of game. The rides we most liked Human and Cyclon. Hmm the Mummy Revenge also a nice ride. We really had fun there. After 4 hours playing in the Universal Studio, we felt tired and hungry too. So we got dinner at an Indonesian Restaurant in Sentosa Island. So yummy!! We missed Indonesian food so much.

After we felt full, we went to Song of the Sea.  We saw a water attraction. So cool, we can saw a lot of pictures in the water. Then we went to the store around the water world. Some of us bought something for our relation in Indonesia.

We felt very tired. A lot of activities we did. Arrived at the hotel we took a bath. We also made this report. Haha. Although we felt sleepy and tired, we still didn’t want to go to bed, because today was the last night we were together. Separate with Kuo Chuan students also meant that we had to separate with our friends, because we’re from different Petra.

Let’s see our photos..

Water World ^^