Friday, February 18th, 2011

Something different on today, because we don’t need to come to Pei Hwa School while the Junior High students come to Kuo Chuan as usual. And, we wake up at 8 in the morning, so we can sleep longer than the days before , we just stay at hotel in the morning and have much time for having fun with friends in the hotel room.

After we have lunch, we go to have a tour program until night. All of us come together to Universal Studios Singapore (USS). There are a lot of places for fun, like a roller coaster ride ,and a accelerator , is a ride that tests our intergalactic stamina on this whirling twirling attraction, David and Michael join the coaster ride until David’s back really hurts. Then we go to the Mummy Revenge of the Mummy, is a coaster ride that brings you to meet warrior mummies on a psychological ride. Water world is a show that is so cool because it uses water , a shot gun, a machine gun ,and a bazooka. After we finish enjoy fun time at USS, we have dinner at restaurant at Sentosa  World Resort . After we have dinner ,we go to Sentosa Island to attend the spectacular show  “Song of the Sea” . It is actually an attraction  of  water , fire ,lasers, and music altogether, and its story  is about Lady of the Sea . After the show we go back to the hotel, and pack all suitcases, then we take our bath and sleep because we are very tired.

David, Jeremy, Michael.