At Universal Studio Singapore

The Farewell Party

Photo with Frankenstein at Universal Studio

"Pharaoh" and us

Hiks.. hiks.. :( The atmosphere of feeling sad started as soon as we arrived at Kuo Chuan. Some of our buddies sobbed ;( It’s so hard to leave our friends in Kuo Chuan , because all of them are very kind and friendly to us. Today we only had lesson until 11a.m. Then we prepared for our performances at the school hall. The chubby one , William ,was interviewed by KCPians. After practicing for 1 hour , all of the KCPians had a assembly at 12.40 pm until 01.00 pm and the farewell party began. It’s showtime ! We were so nervous, we wanted to perform our best. And we did it! We feel relieved, because we succeeded giving a good peformances in front of Kuo Chuan’s students and teachers. Mrs. Hariati is so proud of us :) , Yeahh!

Preparation for Farewell Party

The most touching time is when we and our buddies ate lunch together at the canteen and we sang a special song for our beloved buddies ‘Nobody Love Us Like You Do’ . And do you know what happened ?? :( Fourth of us cried a lot because it was really really hard to say goodbye to them . Albert, Biomdi, and Peter played the guitar , and Shirley played the violin .The song made us felt so sad.

The Last Photo with Our Buddies in Kuo Chuan

After saying goodbye to our beloved buddies , we got back to the bus to go to Universal Studio. We had a lot of fun at Universal Studio. We watched the ghosts music performance,it was so funny. We also watched the process of making movie effect. Then we rode roller coaster ,we were thrilled. We also could buy our picture but it was so expensive so we didn’t buying. The most annoying game was Jurrasic Park, because after riding it we got wet ! but it was excited. At 7.30 p.m. we had a dinner at sentosa . and finally we watched ‘sound of the sea’ ! we were waiting for 15 minutes to see it . it was so amazing ! This our last report for all of you. Hopefully it can make all of you feel satisfied with our report. Byee… :D

Song of The Sea