We woke up in a wonderful day.We took a bath,had a breakfast,and waited for the bus…

After that,we went to Universal Studio!!

Actually,we are scheduled to go to school..but Pei Hwa..was welcoming a guest..

At Universal Studio,we played some attractions. Such as: “The Revenge of The Mummy”,”Galactica”,”Accelator”.We also watched some shows. Such as:” The Monster Show”,”Light Camera Action”,”4D Cinema “,”The Waterworld”.We got splashed at the waterworld..We’re very very wet!Especially persons that sat at the front row..We HAd So Much FUNNNN!!We did some shopping..

After dinner,we went to Sentosa Island and watched “Song of the Sea”.The story tells about the hero,Lee,that want to save the Princess Amy,Whose sleeping,With his magical song and his friends help,they can awake the Princess..The show was very terrific..The lighting was very cool!!

Sadly,this Wonderful day has to end T_T  :’(

But,It’s okay..we hope we can go to Singapore again next time!!


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