Will-I-Am shocked by electric chair

The photo of us with Ms.Dorothy

As soon as we arrived at Kuo Chuan , Ms. Dorothy was surprised that we were wearing a purple uniform. Because she told us that we looked fresh ekspecially when she saw the cute William ! J then she asked us to take photos.

Since early in the morning, all of us felt very happy because after school we would go to the Science Center. Today at Kuo Chuan we studied about P.E., maths, practical biology, english, design technology and others. Some of us were eager to follow P.E. because there are a lot of activiy that they gave a lot of activities in P.E. such as badminton, soccer, basketball and fresbee. We were very excited ! Because for us , fresbee is a new P.E . We never got it in Surabaya.

We finished school at 2 p.m and went to the Science Centers with 3 buddies from Kuo Chuan. Actually a lot of our buddies wanted to go ,  but since they didn’t ask for permitions to their parent they were not allow to go .Hiikss..  We were very happy to visiting there ! Because there are so many interesting things which can make us know more about science. We were there untill 4.30 and left . We went to Takasimaya and bought some souvenirs again. Because tomorrow will be the last day for us to study in Kuo Chuan. We’ll gonna miss our buddies so much ! Because they are so good for us.

At 8.30 we arrived at the hotel and made the report together. We also prepared the special performances for Kuo Chuan’s student.

Okay , good night mom and dad ! Good night too friends ! We have to sleep earlier because we have to be fresh in our performances .

At Science Center

In 3 Love Class

William in Biology Lab

Sitting on the iSpace