Today, when we arrived at KCPSS, our buddies have been waited for us outside. Then we studied in our classes as usual.

in the morning

PE lesson

in foodcourt

Heidi was studying PE for the first lesson. She played badminton and run and pushes up twice. After PE, Heidi learned English, listening to recording about fruit and vegetable and finally eating time come! At 11 o’clock she had science discovery lesson at computer room. She and her group had to find top 10. Removable Source of energy at internet. Heidi was very tired and sleepy, because yesterday we all went to Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza. They went crazy at shopping, went to a lot of shops and bought all things like shirts, etc.

When Science discovery lesson over, she come back to 2Love and started English lesson again. In this lesson, the teacher gave her an exercise and test. But Heidi didn’t join the test. It was started at 15 to 1pm and end at 1 pm past 15. After that, we went to hall. We got information about KCPSS website. The teacher told us about how to send e mail, open the KCPSS website, etc.

After school, we went to Science Center with Raymond’s, Matthew’s, Enrika’s buddies. There were many things that we had learned from that place. About viruses, sound, water, animals, our body’s parts, etc. It was very exciting there. Clarence, Lazuardi, and Heidi got lost from Junior High School groups and went with Primary students there. And Biondi still with Santi in Junior High School groups but not with our own teacher. Then, we went shopping there. After that, we went shopping at Takashima, Lucky plaza, and another shops. Because we hungry, we ate at food court. Then we came back to our lovely and sweet hotel, Concorde hotel. That’s all, see you tomorrow guys!!!!

character building in KCPSS

Physic Education