Hiks hiks………we were very sad when heard that today would  be the last day in Pei Hwa,and we could not meet our buddy again. Today when we arrived in Pei Hwa we gave something to our buddy the example were we wrote something to our buddy and we gave the best performances for them for the example we sang together for them , our friend Tiffany gave a speech in English, our friend David presented a poem for Pei Hwa students,and our friend Michael Raharja gave a speech in Chinese and presented a hip – hop dance.We were very happy because they enjoyed our performances.

In the afternoon we played tchouk ball and table tennis. The game was very fun.  And then we said goodbye to  Pei Hwa teachers.

In the evening we went to Takasimaya  plaza. We bought a lot of things for souvenir for our parents and friends in Surabaya.