Today, we got up at 5 in the morning and we had breakfast in the restaurant.. We consumed a lot of food because today we thought that it would be a busy day..
After arriving in KCPSS, we joined the lesson and we had fun a lot with our buddies.. It was a great day at KCPSS..

Then, we went to the Science Centre with some buddies after the class ended.. It was awesome! So many things that we haven’t seen before..  We were so curious about everything.We took a lot of photos together and we were very happy..

We had studied almost a half of things in Science Center, about Mars, rocket inventions, How does water work, and of course we played the interesting games. At 4 p.m. we left Science Centre and we had to go to Takashimaya. We had dinner together and we walked around the mall, yes, we bought some souvenirs for our beloved buddies and relations. We took a lot of interesting pictures around shopping spots.
After that we went to the hotel and we slept tight..

Let’s see our adventures…

In front of the science centre..

haha.. look at the robot behind us.. ^^

We were shopping at Orchard..

See you soon.. :) :)