-At hotel
We were very sleepy this morning,we needed some time to wake ourselves.Then we had breakfast.After that,we waited for the bus with our friends an our junior high school friends… Then we rode the bus to school as usual.
-At Pei Hwa
This is our last day at Pei  Hwa Ooo..Nooo….!! we’re very sad :( .But,we celebrated the farewell party happily.Pei Hwa students perform great performances,such as….Gu Zheng playing,Wushu,and gymnastic…and then SHOW TIME!!!we performed 2 songs Flying High and Ku mau cinta Jesus in Chinese…then our friends Michael shared a Hip Hop dance and Chinese speech…and David performed a poem with a title “Wonderful Moment”.Then,we met our buddies we exchanged souvenirs with them.They really looked happy.After that,we went to the Science Center.
-At Science Center
There we saw soooooo many interesting science tools..
There we studied many things about science.
Then we got back to the hotel.

This are the few photos that are really impressive for us:

Well, Ihink thats all from us in Singapore bye