Today was so special , we gave a souvenir to each our buddy . We wrote special message in the back side of the souvenir . Then we performed for the farewell time , we performed hip hop dance for the end of the show . Pei Hwa students also performed , such as ; Gu Zhen , gymnastic , and the best of all is wushu . Then we went to the resting room to met our buddy . We had a lot of fun with them . When we met each other they gave us a present and we took pictures a lot . They were very happy but sadly we can’t met each other for such a long time. After that we had to play tchok ball and table tennis. Then we had farewell lunch.We always remember about this students exchange programme as specially our friends at Pei Hwa . Our relationship can be run because of God’s grace . then we went to Science Centre . Many things we had learnt there . Then we went to Takasimaya to buy some presents for my family and friends . After that we went back to the hotel .
from; group 2