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The Best Day Ever

Today is the best day ever . We went to Universal Studio and Sentosa Island . but before that we had to wait for the bus comming .We cant went to Pei Hwa school because they were busy . Then after the bus was comming we went to Universal Studio . We played a lot of stuff such as ; The Mummy , Far Far Away Castle , etc and also we saw a lot of shows like Monster Rock , Water World , and the best of all is Song of the Sea . We like all of the things there and we took some pictures ;

Then we had lunch at Sentosa Island . It was very delicious . We had a lot of great time there but it was time to went back to our hotel . So we went back at 9 o’clock then we took a rest . That’s all about our story today , BYE !

from ; group 2

Magnificient Trip at Science Center

Will-I-Am shocked by electric chair

The photo of us with Ms.Dorothy

As soon as we arrived at Kuo Chuan , Ms. Dorothy was surprised that we were wearing a purple uniform. Because she told us that we looked fresh ekspecially when she saw the cute William ! J then she asked us to take photos.

Since early in the morning, all of us felt very happy because after school we would go to the Science Center. Today at Kuo Chuan we studied about P.E., maths, practical biology, english, design technology and others. Some of us were eager to follow P.E. because there are a lot of activiy that they gave a lot of activities in P.E. such as badminton, soccer, basketball and fresbee. We were very excited ! Because for us , fresbee is a new P.E . We never got it in Surabaya.

We finished school at 2 p.m and went to the Science Centers with 3 buddies from Kuo Chuan. Actually a lot of our buddies wanted to go ,  but since they didn’t ask for permitions to their parent they were not allow to go .Hiikss..  We were very happy to visiting there ! Because there are so many interesting things which can make us know more about science. We were there untill 4.30 and left . We went to Takasimaya and bought some souvenirs again. Because tomorrow will be the last day for us to study in Kuo Chuan. We’ll gonna miss our buddies so much ! Because they are so good for us.

At 8.30 we arrived at the hotel and made the report together. We also prepared the special performances for Kuo Chuan’s student.

Okay , good night mom and dad ! Good night too friends ! We have to sleep earlier because we have to be fresh in our performances .

At Science Center

In 3 Love Class

William in Biology Lab

Sitting on the iSpace

Wonderful Michael Farewell Performances

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Today there is something special for us, because today is the last day for us to have an exchange program in Pei Hwa. We reach Pei Hwa school at 08.30 in the morning. We can’t wait to perform some performance that we have prepared before in the farewell party at Pei Hwa school hall.

Before we started our farewell at the school hall, we wrote something special for our buddy on the backside of souvenir that we brought from Surabaya. At 9.00 in the morning all of us go upstairs to the school hall to start farewell party.

Mr. Moiz announced that the farewell will be opened by Mrs. Foo (Principle of PHPPS).In her speech, Mrs.Foo said that “We are really excited to have partnership with Petra School started in 2006. It makes our international friendship more meaningful hopefuly next year I will join on Pei Hwa exchange program at Petra School”. The speech then is Pak Endra. He said that “We are grateful to have partnership with Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, we can learn much each other as we are the schools that grounded in Christian values. I hope that the relationship will be better.

There were many impressive performance from Pei Hwa, such as Wusu, Kucheng, Gymnastic. Our friends were so excited when Michael performed speech in Chinese and hip hop dance. Wow…A wonderful dance, I like it! David presented a poem. We all performed two songs titled “Flying high” and “Ku Mau Cinta Yesus” in Chinese.

After we finished in farewell in the school hall, we played Tchouk Ball and Table Tennis . After that we have lunch and souvenir exchange.  Next we went to Science Center. At Science Center we saw many wonderful things like sound tube and many more. Then we went to Takashimaya and we bought some clothes like shirt and jeans. After that we had dinner, we ate Japanese food. Pak Endra and David ate Salmon Teriyaki, Hmmm…delicious!!!Michael and Jeremy ate Tempura Set, that’s delicious too, but the Tempura was very hard and Michael says” Ohhh…My teeth fell so hurt!!! But Michael still ate the Tempura. Then we went to Paragon to bought some toys at Toys R US and  Bread Talk to buy some bread. We bought garlic bread, fire floss and many more. And then we went back to the hotel. We took our bath and finally we got our rest. We were very tired.HOAMMMMM…….zzz…zzz…zzz…

By david, Michael, Jeremy.

Science Super

Today, when we arrived at KCPSS, our buddies have been waited for us outside. Then we studied in our classes as usual.

in the morning

PE lesson

in foodcourt

Heidi was studying PE for the first lesson. She played badminton and run and pushes up twice. After PE, Heidi learned English, listening to recording about fruit and vegetable and finally eating time come! At 11 o’clock she had science discovery lesson at computer room. She and her group had to find top 10. Removable Source of energy at internet. Heidi was very tired and sleepy, because yesterday we all went to Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza. They went crazy at shopping, went to a lot of shops and bought all things like shirts, etc.

When Science discovery lesson over, she come back to 2Love and started English lesson again. In this lesson, the teacher gave her an exercise and test. But Heidi didn’t join the test. It was started at 15 to 1pm and end at 1 pm past 15. After that, we went to hall. We got information about KCPSS website. The teacher told us about how to send e mail, open the KCPSS website, etc.

After school, we went to Science Center with Raymond’s, Matthew’s, Enrika’s buddies. There were many things that we had learned from that place. About viruses, sound, water, animals, our body’s parts, etc. It was very exciting there. Clarence, Lazuardi, and Heidi got lost from Junior High School groups and went with Primary students there. And Biondi still with Santi in Junior High School groups but not with our own teacher. Then, we went shopping there. After that, we went shopping at Takashima, Lucky plaza, and another shops. Because we hungry, we ate at food court. Then we came back to our lovely and sweet hotel, Concorde hotel. That’s all, see you tomorrow guys!!!!

character building in KCPSS

Physic Education

The final day in Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School

Hiks hiks………we were very sad when heard that today would  be the last day in Pei Hwa,and we could not meet our buddy again. Today when we arrived in Pei Hwa we gave something to our buddy the example were we wrote something to our buddy and we gave the best performances for them for the example we sang together for them , our friend Tiffany gave a speech in English, our friend David presented a poem for Pei Hwa students,and our friend Michael Raharja gave a speech in Chinese and presented a hip – hop dance.We were very happy because they enjoyed our performances.

In the afternoon we played tchouk ball and table tennis. The game was very fun.  And then we said goodbye to  Pei Hwa teachers.

In the evening we went to Takasimaya  plaza. We bought a lot of things for souvenir for our parents and friends in Surabaya.

Thursday in s’Poree~

Today, we got up at 5 in the morning and we had breakfast in the restaurant.. We consumed a lot of food because today we thought that it would be a busy day..
After arriving in KCPSS, we joined the lesson and we had fun a lot with our buddies.. It was a great day at KCPSS..

Then, we went to the Science Centre with some buddies after the class ended.. It was awesome! So many things that we haven’t seen before..  We were so curious about everything.We took a lot of photos together and we were very happy..

We had studied almost a half of things in Science Center, about Mars, rocket inventions, How does water work, and of course we played the interesting games. At 4 p.m. we left Science Centre and we had to go to Takashimaya. We had dinner together and we walked around the mall, yes, we bought some souvenirs for our beloved buddies and relations. We took a lot of interesting pictures around shopping spots.
After that we went to the hotel and we slept tight..

Let’s see our adventures…

In front of the science centre..

haha.. look at the robot behind us.. ^^

We were shopping at Orchard..

See you soon.. :) :)

Good Bye Pei Hwa!!! :(

-At hotel
We were very sleepy this morning,we needed some time to wake ourselves.Then we had breakfast.After that,we waited for the bus with our friends an our junior high school friends… Then we rode the bus to school as usual.
-At Pei Hwa
This is our last day at Pei  Hwa Ooo..Nooo….!! we’re very sad :( .But,we celebrated the farewell party happily.Pei Hwa students perform great performances,such as….Gu Zheng playing,Wushu,and gymnastic…and then SHOW TIME!!!we performed 2 songs Flying High and Ku mau cinta Jesus in Chinese…then our friends Michael shared a Hip Hop dance and Chinese speech…and David performed a poem with a title “Wonderful Moment”.Then,we met our buddies we exchanged souvenirs with them.They really looked happy.After that,we went to the Science Center.
-At Science Center
There we saw soooooo many interesting science tools..
There we studied many things about science.
Then we got back to the hotel.

This are the few photos that are really impressive for us:

Well, Ihink thats all from us in Singapore bye

The Last Day at Pei Hwa

Today was so special , we gave a souvenir to each our buddy . We wrote special message in the back side of the souvenir . Then we performed for the farewell time , we performed hip hop dance for the end of the show . Pei Hwa students also performed , such as ; Gu Zhen , gymnastic , and the best of all is wushu . Then we went to the resting room to met our buddy . We had a lot of fun with them . When we met each other they gave us a present and we took pictures a lot . They were very happy but sadly we can’t met each other for such a long time. After that we had to play tchok ball and table tennis. Then we had farewell lunch.We always remember about this students exchange programme as specially our friends at Pei Hwa . Our relationship can be run because of God’s grace . then we went to Science Centre . Many things we had learnt there . Then we went to Takasimaya to buy some presents for my family and friends . After that we went back to the hotel .
from; group 2

Freak Cooking At KCPSS

Just as the usual, we went to Kuo Chuan Secondary school. Today Biondi went back with his old buddy, Marie. He was at the same class with Gilbert, our friend. He had English, Principal of Accounts (POA), Chinese, and Chemistry subjects. Biondi was very boring in the POA and Chinese lessons. And he fell asleep when the POA teacher was explaining the lesson. He ate at the canteen two times, and his buddy got surprised.

After Character building Heidi went to her class as usual, 2love. She learned Chinese class, History: Discussion about the founder of Singapore ( Very interesting and exciting ), Math, Esthetic, English. When Heidi In 2Love her buddy is Chantel, but when outing she with Lily.

Santi with Kari and Lester studied the first lesson : Chinese at 2love, then she went back to class 2patience to have EXP lesson (English), break at canteen, went back to class to have geo class with test, then PE theory class about metabolism, go to music room to have music lesson about how to use the guitar. Buddies: Kari and Lester

Then Clare went to the same class again. She couldn’t really remember all the lessons she had. But there was Math class for sure.

After the class was over, Biondi, Peter, Matthew, Ardi, and Gilbert, had a duel of basketball with Kuo Chuan’s student. The game was very exciting. The Kuo Chuan’s student just scored one point. And we got so many scores just now. But Peter had a bad luck today. The ball slammed his face and his glasses were broken.

Today, we had a special cooking class. We made Scone cakes. That’s quite easy to make that. But our group separated up into four groups. We joined with our friend from other groups. The scoops tasted very salty. Fortunately, the cook gave us raspberry jam to make it better tasted. But, the scoops are still not delicious. The scoops that Biondi made wasn’t like a normal scoop. They were freak. Santi, Clare, and Heidi’s cake were freak.

This night, our group went to Takashimaya mall to have a dinner and went for shopping. The students were very happy. We felt so tired after we want to back to our hotel. So that is all from us today, see you tomorrow.

At Physic Lab

cooking class

Biondi at cooking lab

Ardi cutting the butter

the freak scone"

waiting for the freak scone...

all together

The Funniest Day in Singapore

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today, we woke up not too early, because we went to school in the afternoon. We went to Mint Museum in the morning. There were so many old toys, like robots, doll, cars, action figures and so many other old toys. We were very happy because we can saw so many old toys. And we can bought some toys. We bought Barrel o’ slime, finger puppet, yo-yo , toy knife, fake cockroach, tic-tac- toe, water gun, invisible spray, and so many toys. After that we ate at McDonald. We made a “French Fries Mountain” and then we ate the “French Fries Mountain” We were very full. We ate burgers, French fries, and cone ice cream. Next we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We learnt CCA like wu shu , tchouk Ball, table tennis and robotic. We learnt basic moves at wu shu class . We were very happy because we can play tchouk ball, tchouk ball was very exciting. After that we went on a table tennis class. But, we can’t play Table Tennis. But we had fun. Next we went to a robotic class. In the Robotic lesson we learnt how to make robot. We make a sumo robot with our group. And then we fought the Sumo Robot. Next we picked up the Junior High School students at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. After that we went to Lucky Plaza, we bought souvenirs and clothes. And then we go back to the hotel. After that we take our bath. And we prepared for performances for tomorrow. And then we slept well.