Kelompok SMP 7

Leaving S’pore to Surabaya

Today, well we could wake up lately then, because this day was our last day in Singapore…

First, we got breakfast in the morning, wow.. There was a new menu of choice then.. Waffle,with maple syrup.. We liked it very much. Now it was the time to check out the Concorde Hotel… The best hotel we’ve ever seen!! Probably will go there soon..

We took our luggage, then we went to the bus that will take us to the Singapore Flyer (The highest in the world [165 m]). Simply breathtaking, since we fear of nothing above there… We could see Malaysia and Malaka Street from here…! Also Marina Barrage and Marina Bay Sands!

After that ,we went to had lunch at The Hooters. It was awesome ! The waiters wore uniform as usual. So casual. But , look at the waitresses !! Oh my gosshh , they were so hottt , and sexy !! Wowwwww !! We had five menus to chose. Grilled Cheese Sandwich , Pork Ribs Steak with French Fries , Chicken Wings and French Fries , Prawn Spaghetti , and Deep Fried Dory Fish with Fries. They were soo yummy !! :D

So sad, then we must go to the ChangI International Airport. Oh my , our beloved buddies were waiting for us!! We took a lot of pictures with them.. Sounds that we still wast to stay longer here. Now, we must take our different way.. Silk Air MI226 brought us to Indonesia. Good bye our beloved buddies and friends in KCPSS !! We’ll really miss you all.. :’( Hope that we’ll have another occasion to meet them again, as soon as possible!! We’ll miss you too SINGAPORE!!

Our last day in KCPSS

Morning.. morning.. we were in our last day in KCPSS. Ohhh… today was a hard day for us. We had to separate with our buddies. 

As usual we got up at 5.30 o’clock. We just joined the lesson from 8-11 o’clock, because we had to exercise for our performances.

The time had come, for us to show our performances to our buddies and also our friends. Raymond felt a little nervous before his speech. But he had done well. We also perform a song and a dance from Papua, Yamko Rambe Yamko. All of the students were appreciate our performances. Even though the teachers wanted us to teach her that dance. :D :D

After that we went to the canteen. We had lunch together with our beloved buddies. Then it was the time for us to sang a song for our beloved buddies. We couldn’t stand to cry. We couldn’t sing well. Our buddies cried too. LL. We really had to separate with our beloved buddies. Not just our beloved buddies but also with our friends in KCPSS. We got a lot of gift and letters from our buddies and friends.

Yeah the bad time had over and now we wanted to have fun. We went to Universal Studio in Sentosa Island. We played a lot of game. The rides we most liked Human and Cyclon. Hmm the Mummy Revenge also a nice ride. We really had fun there. After 4 hours playing in the Universal Studio, we felt tired and hungry too. So we got dinner at an Indonesian Restaurant in Sentosa Island. So yummy!! We missed Indonesian food so much.

After we felt full, we went to Song of the Sea.  We saw a water attraction. So cool, we can saw a lot of pictures in the water. Then we went to the store around the water world. Some of us bought something for our relation in Indonesia.

We felt very tired. A lot of activities we did. Arrived at the hotel we took a bath. We also made this report. Haha. Although we felt sleepy and tired, we still didn’t want to go to bed, because today was the last night we were together. Separate with Kuo Chuan students also meant that we had to separate with our friends, because we’re from different Petra.

Let’s see our photos..

Water World ^^


Thursday in s’Poree~

Today, we got up at 5 in the morning and we had breakfast in the restaurant.. We consumed a lot of food because today we thought that it would be a busy day..
After arriving in KCPSS, we joined the lesson and we had fun a lot with our buddies.. It was a great day at KCPSS..

Then, we went to the Science Centre with some buddies after the class ended.. It was awesome! So many things that we haven’t seen before..  We were so curious about everything.We took a lot of photos together and we were very happy..

We had studied almost a half of things in Science Center, about Mars, rocket inventions, How does water work, and of course we played the interesting games. At 4 p.m. we left Science Centre and we had to go to Takashimaya. We had dinner together and we walked around the mall, yes, we bought some souvenirs for our beloved buddies and relations. We took a lot of interesting pictures around shopping spots.
After that we went to the hotel and we slept tight..

Let’s see our adventures…

In front of the science centre..

haha.. look at the robot behind us.. ^^

We were shopping at Orchard..

See you soon.. :) :)

Our Fourth Day in Singapore

Today , we couldn’t get up early as usual because last night we slept at 12 o’clock. As usual , we went to KCPSS.

After we arrived at the school ,  the KCPians(all parts of the KCPSS called KCPians) were having a Morning Assemble. We also joined them. We saw some of the students were late. The students were punished by the teachers. They had to stand up around the hall  and the teachers wrote down their name in their  attendant list.  Then , we went to our buddies’ class. Another boring activities. But , this time was different , because we got cooking lesson. After the cooking lesson. We made ‘whole nut scones’. Its taste was ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo yummyyy.  We ate the scones with cream and strawberry jam. Later , we also saw the Choir of  KCPSS. So , we went home a little late than usual , at 5 o’clock.

We felt very hungry. So we went to Takashimaya to have  dinner. Bef ore having dinner , our friends bought some pork (Bee Cheng Hiang). We also made the report in Takashimaya Foodcourt.

Well , now we full filled with fuel again. So , we decided to continue our trip to Lucky Plaza. We walked there for a long time. We felt tired. Then we went back to the hotel and we updated our report. Finally we went to bed… zZzzZz…

Just wait for our next adventures.. see u tomorrow :p

Meilisa and Raymond with their buddies in art class ^^

Claudia and Raymond in cooking class ^^

taraaa.. our yummy sconess.. wanna try huh?? :p

with our beloved buddies in cooking class...

Third day in Singapore! XD

The next day came … We woke up at 4 a.m and took a bath as usual. We had breakfast at the hotel. Hm .. The food is so delicious. We were ready to do our activities again.

Another day in Kuo Chuan was interesting but it was really tiring . We studied more than yesterday. Some of us got the test but the teacher didn’t check it, because we haven’t studied yet. We also had more chit chat with another and it was very fun.
There’s a music lesson today. The teachers taught us how to play a guitar. We thought that we could enjoy the lesson. Our lovely buddies were so friendly and accompanied us every single minute there. Then at 2pm we went to farm with our beloved buddies.
But we didin’t see any animals. Instead of plants. We enjoyed our time there.

After that we went to Singapore Plaza. We bought gifts for our buddies. We also ate there. Then we went back to hotel on foot. This day was really fun.

After arriving at the hotel, we changed our clothes and we wrote a report for today and we were going to sleep. Huh .. Tiring day but unforgetable for us.

who is that??

Second day in Singapore! Yayyy!~

This morning we woke up at 5.30 a.m and we prepared everything for studying in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian secondary school. We had breakfast at 6.40 a.m. and the food was delicious.  Then we went to Kuo Chuan by bus.

After we arrived in front of the hall of KCPSS, our buddies came to greet us. We were so happy so as they were. Then they taught us to have games. The games were funny and we were happy to play with them. After that we joined the lessons in the class for about 4 hours. Then we had recess time in the canteen. Some of us were eating and the others were playing. After the bell rang we had to be back to our class. The lessons finished at 2.00 p.m. and we went to Marina Bay Sands and then Marina Barrage.

Marina Bay Sands is a mall and the biggest casino in Singapore. We could walk around the mall and saw some activities of the casino.

Next, we went to the Marina Barrage. Here there was a woman who thought us about the reservoir of Singapore. She told us 4 things where is the water comes from in Singapore. Those were sea, river, import from the other countries, and new water. She also told us the history of the reservoir in Singapore which started from 1930 until now. Marina Barrage inside is so amazing. We were satisfied to come to this place. We were so hungry and we ate at the food court. Finally we made a report at McDonald and we were going back to our hotel. We slept well.

So now let’s see our photos …

At Marina Bay Sands

Let's enjoy the scenery here !!

First day in Singapore! Yippy~

Today is a special day for us. We have met in Juanda Internasional Airport at 8 ơ’clock in the ‎​​morning but, wait! We have to wait our fellows.

smiling together.. ciss :) :)

How come? The plane of ours has been delayed till 10:50.. No matter it was.. We still caught laughing and joking each other, while we were waiting for him, some tour guides in providing our departure gave us some instructions. Oh thank God! Here he is now. We could check gladly.. There.. We waited in the waiting room. We took a lot of photos, everyone looked so happy..

look at this one..

This is the photo of our group while we were waiting at International Juanda Airport

Time was so fast.. Unpredictable.. After hanging our time at gate 9.. Now was the time to get on our plane.. Yes.. Silk air MI-222.. The stewardesses were so kind.. They served us patiently.. Even we expected for playing cards.. They seemed happy to serve us.. Approximately an hour and 50 minutes we were going to Changi International Airport..

So many process that we should do before we could get to the bus.. The tour guider was so familiarly guide us..

Well, it’s time to had lunch..
We went to Seoul Garden, they sold korean foods like Hanamasa. We ate much there.. We did some visit here.. So sad.. The legendary Statue of Merlion is being repaired.. We walked around to see Esplanade Building, and we took some pictures there. After that we went back to hotel to take a bath. Then, we had dinner in the Food court near our hotel. It was so tiring, but we still made report for our lovely parents in Indonesia.

Wonderful :D

see u soon :)