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At Changi Airport Singapore

At 4.30 p.m we left Singapore. We were so sad because we had to leave our friends in Kuo Chuan. We got up late this morning because we didn’t need to go to school and we slept late yesterday. We played cards together, ate together and had a lot of fun together because we will go back to our own school next Monday. We have been together as a team for 3 weeks, prepared everything together and had a lot of fun together. And It madeus feel sad. But we promised to keep in touch although we are not in the same school.

After having  breakfast. We checked out and went to Singapore flyer.  There we can see the whole area in Singapore. It is so amazing. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the tour . In the “CAPSULE” , We took some photos there and here they are

The Singapore Flyer

Had a lot of Fun Together

After that we had lunch at HOOTER near Singapore River , then we went to Changi Airport. We arrived there around 2.30 p.m. Our buddies from Kuo Chuan were waiting for us there. We are leaving now, but we will never forget our friendship forever.


Bye Bye Singapore. Bye Bye Kuo Chuan.

This Student Exchange Programme is UNFORGETTABLE



The Last Report

At Universal Studio Singapore

The Farewell Party

Photo with Frankenstein at Universal Studio

"Pharaoh" and us

Hiks.. hiks.. :( The atmosphere of feeling sad started as soon as we arrived at Kuo Chuan. Some of our buddies sobbed ;( It’s so hard to leave our friends in Kuo Chuan , because all of them are very kind and friendly to us. Today we only had lesson until 11a.m. Then we prepared for our performances at the school hall. The chubby one , William ,was interviewed by KCPians. After practicing for 1 hour , all of the KCPians had a assembly at 12.40 pm until 01.00 pm and the farewell party began. It’s showtime ! We were so nervous, we wanted to perform our best. And we did it! We feel relieved, because we succeeded giving a good peformances in front of Kuo Chuan’s students and teachers. Mrs. Hariati is so proud of us :) , Yeahh!

Preparation for Farewell Party

The most touching time is when we and our buddies ate lunch together at the canteen and we sang a special song for our beloved buddies ‘Nobody Love Us Like You Do’ . And do you know what happened ?? :( Fourth of us cried a lot because it was really really hard to say goodbye to them . Albert, Biomdi, and Peter played the guitar , and Shirley played the violin .The song made us felt so sad.

The Last Photo with Our Buddies in Kuo Chuan

After saying goodbye to our beloved buddies , we got back to the bus to go to Universal Studio. We had a lot of fun at Universal Studio. We watched the ghosts music performance,it was so funny. We also watched the process of making movie effect. Then we rode roller coaster ,we were thrilled. We also could buy our picture but it was so expensive so we didn’t buying. The most annoying game was Jurrasic Park, because after riding it we got wet ! but it was excited. At 7.30 p.m. we had a dinner at sentosa . and finally we watched ‘sound of the sea’ ! we were waiting for 15 minutes to see it . it was so amazing ! This our last report for all of you. Hopefully it can make all of you feel satisfied with our report. Byee… :D

Song of The Sea

Magnificient Trip at Science Center

Will-I-Am shocked by electric chair

The photo of us with Ms.Dorothy

As soon as we arrived at Kuo Chuan , Ms. Dorothy was surprised that we were wearing a purple uniform. Because she told us that we looked fresh ekspecially when she saw the cute William ! J then she asked us to take photos.

Since early in the morning, all of us felt very happy because after school we would go to the Science Center. Today at Kuo Chuan we studied about P.E., maths, practical biology, english, design technology and others. Some of us were eager to follow P.E. because there are a lot of activiy that they gave a lot of activities in P.E. such as badminton, soccer, basketball and fresbee. We were very excited ! Because for us , fresbee is a new P.E . We never got it in Surabaya.

We finished school at 2 p.m and went to the Science Centers with 3 buddies from Kuo Chuan. Actually a lot of our buddies wanted to go ,  but since they didn’t ask for permitions to their parent they were not allow to go .Hiikss..  We were very happy to visiting there ! Because there are so many interesting things which can make us know more about science. We were there untill 4.30 and left . We went to Takasimaya and bought some souvenirs again. Because tomorrow will be the last day for us to study in Kuo Chuan. We’ll gonna miss our buddies so much ! Because they are so good for us.

At 8.30 we arrived at the hotel and made the report together. We also prepared the special performances for Kuo Chuan’s student.

Okay , good night mom and dad ! Good night too friends ! We have to sleep earlier because we have to be fresh in our performances .

At Science Center

In 3 Love Class

William in Biology Lab

Sitting on the iSpace

Exciting day in cooking class

Hey ! We’re back ! :D

It has been 3 days for us to study in Kuo Chuan. Why we said like that ? Because all of us have already felt ‘home sweet home’ here . We have already adapted with Kuo Chuan situation.

Art Class

Adelaide & Enrika

Cooking Explanation

Today we would like to tell you about our activities , cooking class!! yey !! :) It was so exciting because we learnt how to make scones. It was quite easy . In the cooking class we felt very excited because it is not about the result , but it’s about the togetherness among us. The teacher taught us to make some scones. She is a good teacher , she taught us step by step so we could understand how to make it. After that she asked us to practice to make it by our selves. Here it is , the result of our scones ! :p

The Process of making the Scones

Will-I-Am making the Scones

The Scones

While we were waiting for the bus , we joined the choir class. Kuo Chuan students are preparing for the choir competition in April . Woww! The choir is awesome . They are very amazing.

At 5 o’clock, the bus came and we went to Takashimaya to have dinner. Then , we walked around Takashimaya and Lucky Plaza.  We bought a couple of clothes and souvenirs for our family. While we were walking back to the hotel on Orchard Road, a funny thing happened ! Our teacher got a ‘special‘ PRESENT from a bird. It is the……. POO !! It was on her blouse !! YUMMY :p But, she still kept smiling. Because today we had a lot of fun ! And this is our photo while we are having fun on Orchard Road :)

On Orchard Road :)

Okay guys , that’s all about us today.. see you tomorrow !

Farm Visit With The Buddies


Happy valentine, mom & dad :) we love u so much. Sorry, we forgot to say it yesterday, but from the deep of our heart we always love you :D

Aeroponic plants

As usual, before 8 a.m. we already arrived in Ku0 Chuan. And we directly gather in the basketball to follow the morning assembly. After that, our buddies picked us up and brought us to the class. Some of us were worried because today we got some test such as chemistry, geography, math and economics. But….. HOORRAAAYYYY !!!! The teacher only asked us to do the test but they didn’t give the mark. Huufffttttt, we felt relieved :)

Today our group studied social studies, chemistry, economics, art, music, geography, history, english, physics, math, science and languages.

Grows without soil

At 2 p.m., we went to visit the hydroponics farm, Lim Chu Kang, Kranji. There, we learnt about farm technology and we had a farm tour. The person in charged showed us around the farm and explained everything about hydroponics plants. After that we were served with lettuce salad, butter head juice and aloe vera honey. Actually, we still had another farm tour but unfortunately it started raining so we decided not to go there. Hikss..Hikss..Hiksss :( We directly went to Plaza Singapura to have dinner together because we were already hungry. We felt happy because we could go for sight-seeing for a while. Before the dinner, some of us bought some gifts for our buddies.

That’s all, mom and dad….

Bye mom… Bye dad…

Here we are before………. TAKE A SHOWER !!!!! :D :p

Always happy :)

First Day in Kuo Chuan :)

With our buddies

With our buddies

Today is our first day in KCPSS. We feel very excited because we meet our buddies and many new friends. Most of them are kind and friendly. We love KCPSS.

By the way, KCPSS’ bell is so unique. It is different from Petra. It uses a song not ringing bell like in Petra.

First, we had an ice breaking. We played captains ball and we had a lot of fun there. Then we went to the hall for morning assembly. Every monday and friday they have the morning assembly. Morning assembly is like character building in Petra. As soon as they went to the hall, they made a line and sat down quietly, not like the students in Petra :p

Then, we went to our buddies class and joined their class. Albert, William and Shirley are the in sec. 3. But Enrika, Matthew and Alexandrea are in the sec. 2. Shirley studied P.E.,  social studies, science chemistry and math. Enrika and Matthew learnt math, english and cooking class. Albert and William learnt math, English, social studies. And Alex learnt Malay, art and English. We finished the shool at 1.45 p.m. and we were picked up at 2 p.m.

Then, we went to Marina Barrage. While we were going to Marina Barrage, we droped by at Marina Bay Sands. Marina Barrage is reservoir in Singapore. Then we learnt abou recycled and reused water. We learnt to prevent the flood too. We went back to the hotel and we directly went to McDonald in Orchard Road to had dinner. We had a lovely dinner. Then after feeling full, we started to make the report. It is a tiring day today but we feel great because we can enjoy our day better than yesterday. Especially when we succeeded in uploading our reports with our photos :)

Bye, guys !!

See u tomorrow with another adventure !! :D

Flying high

Flying high


A new beginning in Singapore

At "Durian Montong" Buliding

The "Big Cute" William

An exciting day begins friends. Today we feel a little bit tired but we are very excited because we are in Singapore !!

At 02.30 Singapore time, we arrived. Because our plane was delayed . As soon as we arrived in Singapore. We had lunch at Seoul Garden, All You Can Eat and all of us ate a lot. After that we took a walk around the Lion City. We were a little bit disappointed, because couldn’t take photos of the Merlion Statue, since it was under renovation. But we felt a little bit  happy, cause we have the BIG CUTE William with us :) Then , we kept walking to the big ” Momtong Durian ” a.k.a the Esplanade Theatre.

After almost 2 hours, we went to the Concorde Hotel , took a bath, and prepared for dinner.

We went to the food court near the hotel. We showed our togetherness by choosing the same chinese food witch is very delicious. After eating , we went back to the hotel and made the report. We went back to our own rooms to have a nice sleep. Wow. A wonderful day it is. See you tomorrow !!