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the Whole Day for Fun

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Something different on today, because we don’t need to come to Pei Hwa School while the Junior High students come to Kuo Chuan as usual. And, we wake up at 8 in the morning, so we can sleep longer than the days before , we just stay at hotel in the morning and have much time for having fun with friends in the hotel room.

After we have lunch, we go to have a tour program until night. All of us come together to Universal Studios Singapore (USS). There are a lot of places for fun, like a roller coaster ride ,and a accelerator , is a ride that tests our intergalactic stamina on this whirling twirling attraction, David and Michael join the coaster ride until David’s back really hurts. Then we go to the Mummy Revenge of the Mummy, is a coaster ride that brings you to meet warrior mummies on a psychological ride. Water world is a show that is so cool because it uses water , a shot gun, a machine gun ,and a bazooka. After we finish enjoy fun time at USS, we have dinner at restaurant at Sentosa  World Resort . After we have dinner ,we go to Sentosa Island to attend the spectacular show  “Song of the Sea” . It is actually an attraction  of  water , fire ,lasers, and music altogether, and its story  is about Lady of the Sea . After the show we go back to the hotel, and pack all suitcases, then we take our bath and sleep because we are very tired.

David, Jeremy, Michael.

Bye Singapore…

Saturday, 19 Feb 2011

Today is the last day for all of us in Singapore.

We wake up at seven o’clock. After we have breakfast, we check out from the Concorde Hotel at 10.00, Later we are going to “fly” with  Singapore Flyer. Singapore Flyer is a giant wheel that we ride on it. We enjoy the Singapore Flyer ride. We can see Singapore from the highest wheel in Singapore, we can see also Indonesia and Malaysia when the wheel reach the highest wheel. After that we go to have lunch. Next we go to Changi Airport to go back to Surabaya.  And … bye-bye Singapura….

Michael, Jeremy, David.

Wonderful Michael Farewell Performances

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Today there is something special for us, because today is the last day for us to have an exchange program in Pei Hwa. We reach Pei Hwa school at 08.30 in the morning. We can’t wait to perform some performance that we have prepared before in the farewell party at Pei Hwa school hall.

Before we started our farewell at the school hall, we wrote something special for our buddy on the backside of souvenir that we brought from Surabaya. At 9.00 in the morning all of us go upstairs to the school hall to start farewell party.

Mr. Moiz announced that the farewell will be opened by Mrs. Foo (Principle of PHPPS).In her speech, Mrs.Foo said that “We are really excited to have partnership with Petra School started in 2006. It makes our international friendship more meaningful hopefuly next year I will join on Pei Hwa exchange program at Petra School”. The speech then is Pak Endra. He said that “We are grateful to have partnership with Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, we can learn much each other as we are the schools that grounded in Christian values. I hope that the relationship will be better.

There were many impressive performance from Pei Hwa, such as Wusu, Kucheng, Gymnastic. Our friends were so excited when Michael performed speech in Chinese and hip hop dance. Wow…A wonderful dance, I like it! David presented a poem. We all performed two songs titled “Flying high” and “Ku Mau Cinta Yesus” in Chinese.

After we finished in farewell in the school hall, we played Tchouk Ball and Table Tennis . After that we have lunch and souvenir exchange.  Next we went to Science Center. At Science Center we saw many wonderful things like sound tube and many more. Then we went to Takashimaya and we bought some clothes like shirt and jeans. After that we had dinner, we ate Japanese food. Pak Endra and David ate Salmon Teriyaki, Hmmm…delicious!!!Michael and Jeremy ate Tempura Set, that’s delicious too, but the Tempura was very hard and Michael says” Ohhh…My teeth fell so hurt!!! But Michael still ate the Tempura. Then we went to Paragon to bought some toys at Toys R US and  Bread Talk to buy some bread. We bought garlic bread, fire floss and many more. And then we went back to the hotel. We took our bath and finally we got our rest. We were very tired.HOAMMMMM…….zzz…zzz…zzz…

By david, Michael, Jeremy.

The Funniest Day in Singapore

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today, we woke up not too early, because we went to school in the afternoon. We went to Mint Museum in the morning. There were so many old toys, like robots, doll, cars, action figures and so many other old toys. We were very happy because we can saw so many old toys. And we can bought some toys. We bought Barrel o’ slime, finger puppet, yo-yo , toy knife, fake cockroach, tic-tac- toe, water gun, invisible spray, and so many toys. After that we ate at McDonald. We made a “French Fries Mountain” and then we ate the “French Fries Mountain” We were very full. We ate burgers, French fries, and cone ice cream. Next we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We learnt CCA like wu shu , tchouk Ball, table tennis and robotic. We learnt basic moves at wu shu class . We were very happy because we can play tchouk ball, tchouk ball was very exciting. After that we went on a table tennis class. But, we can’t play Table Tennis. But we had fun. Next we went to a robotic class. In the Robotic lesson we learnt how to make robot. We make a sumo robot with our group. And then we fought the Sumo Robot. Next we picked up the Junior High School students at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. After that we went to Lucky Plaza, we bought souvenirs and clothes. And then we go back to the hotel. After that we take our bath. And we prepared for performances for tomorrow. And then we slept well.

Third Day in Singapore

Tuesday, 15th February 2011

The Third Day in Singapore

Today we woke up at 05.00 o’ clock. After we have breakfast, the bus arrived at 07.15. We went to Kuo Chuan to drop the junior high school students. After that we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Today we have sience lesson.

After lunch, we go to farm visit @ lim Chu Kang Kranji. We learn how to plant the plants, especially vegetable in Singapore. They use Aeroponic Method, similar to hydroponic, but the media is the air.

We went also to Plaza Singapura to have dinner and shoping.

By Michael, David, Jeremy.

Bapak & Ibu Orang tua siswa Yth,

Sehubungan dengan sulitnya koneksi internet di hotel, maka kami mohon maaf tidak bisa menampilkan foto -  foto kegiatan yang diikuti siswa.

Terima kasih.

Endra Kriswanto (Pendamping)

Second day in Singapore

Today, was our 2nd day at Singapore, we woke up at 05.00 o’ clock. We were still sleepy, after that we took our bath and had breakfast. Downstairs we ate fried rice, some sausages and omelette. We were very full. Then the bus arrived at 07.15. We went to Kuo Chuan to drop the junior high school students. After that we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School and the principal and the teachers greeted us. Then we took some photos, next we went to the auditorium, then the principal gave us a speech about Pei Hwa and Singapore. After that we had a school tour. There was a lot of rooms. After that we saw our buddies. After that we went for an art class. We painted a picture. Next, we went to our class and study math and english and also character building. Next we had some snacks, next we went to Kuo Chuan to pick up the junior high school students. Next we went to Marina Bay Sands and Marina Barrage. Then we went back to the hotel and had dinner, then we slept.

That is all about our today’s experience.

By David, Michael, Jeremy.

First Day in Singapore

Today we go to Singapore by Silk Air MI 221, but unfortunately the plane was delayed, so we took some photos to wait for the plane until arrive. After about 2 hours flight, we arrive in Changi Airport. We take a bus to go to Seoul Garden Restaurant for lunch. After we have lunch, we visited esplanade theater and Merlion Park

At about 7pm, we check in at Concorde Hotel, at Orchad Road. After we take a bath, we go for dinner at food court, and then we go to seven eleven to buy new SIM cards.

These are our Singapore number:

Pak Endra : +6585439546

Michael Rahardja: +6585460940

Jeremy: +6585460434

While David Bastian did not buy new SIM card, he still uses the same number.