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The Best Day Ever

Today is the best day ever . We went to Universal Studio and Sentosa Island . but before that we had to wait for the bus comming .We cant went to Pei Hwa school because they were busy . Then after the bus was comming we went to Universal Studio . We played a lot of stuff such as ; The Mummy , Far Far Away Castle , etc and also we saw a lot of shows like Monster Rock , Water World , and the best of all is Song of the Sea . We like all of the things there and we took some pictures ;

Then we had lunch at Sentosa Island . It was very delicious . We had a lot of great time there but it was time to went back to our hotel . So we went back at 9 o’clock then we took a rest . That’s all about our story today , BYE !

from ; group 2

The Last Day at Pei Hwa

Today was so special , we gave a souvenir to each our buddy . We wrote special message in the back side of the souvenir . Then we performed for the farewell time , we performed hip hop dance for the end of the show . Pei Hwa students also performed , such as ; Gu Zhen , gymnastic , and the best of all is wushu . Then we went to the resting room to met our buddy . We had a lot of fun with them . When we met each other they gave us a present and we took pictures a lot . They were very happy but sadly we can’t met each other for such a long time. After that we had to play tchok ball and table tennis. Then we had farewell lunch.We always remember about this students exchange programme as specially our friends at Pei Hwa . Our relationship can be run because of God’s grace . then we went to Science Centre . Many things we had learnt there . Then we went to Takasimaya to buy some presents for my family and friends . After that we went back to the hotel .
from; group 2

FUN-tastic Experience !

We can’t went to Pei Hwa school because they had Christian Program in the morning, so firstly we went to Mint Museum.But before that,we were waiting for the bus in the hotel.At the Mint Museum ,we saw a lot of toys.They are very cool.They explained about the history of each toys.During the tour,we took a lot of pictures.And now,we want to show you some of the pictures.By the way,the tour guide was very nice to us.Then we had lunch at McDonald with Ms.Jennifer and Mr.Moiz,they gave us a lot of food.We had eat each burger and a hill made out of french fries.And that was only for 5 people !!? We thought that maybe we’re gonna exploded !……….Then we went for a walk to  Pei Hwa school and had CCA lesson such as: wushu and robotic.We had a lot of fun.After that ,we went to Lucky Plaza to buy some souvenirs and had dinner there.We went back to the hotel by bus.We had a lot of fantastic experience today.We hope you love our report. Good-bye !:D

Mint Museum


From group 2…

Group 2

So Delicious

The second day has come !!

We can’t wait to study again at Pei Hwa. We had Physical Education there , it was very fun . We played along with our friends at Pei Hwa , all the students there are very nice .After that we studied about malay lesson and science .. We had a lot of experience there and the special one we can eat lunch at their canteen , they give us some cupon.

There are some photos in one day. Our friend , Jennifer was cycling,and we want to show you what did we do in our class.

Then after school time , we went to Lim Chu Kang farm . We saw a lot of plants.They told us about how to take care plants and they gave us Butterhead juice and salad. They showed us a movie with tittle  Mission Impossible . The movie was very funny. Then we went back to our hotel to get some rest. Before we went back to hotel , we had dinner at Plaza Singapura.That’s all from us … group 2 .

First day at school

Today is our 1st day to go to school at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We are all very excited . We studied from 9 o’clock until 01 o’clock in the afternoon.

During school times, we learn about art , mathematics , science , and english. They told us about their school. We met a lot of new friends there . After we had lunch we went to Marina Barrage. they told us how to make the new water . we get a companied by a teacher from Pei Hwa and her name is Jennifer.

The Marina Barrage has 3 fold benefits; recharge , regulate, and relax .we go there because so we can combined our process at school

Then we got to back to our hotel by bus and went to our each different room.

We think that as soon as we learn something , the soon as we get to the next level .

This is what we do today.

from: group 2

Singapore Here We Come !!

Finally !! we’re going to Singapore with all of our friends , but sadly the flight has been delayed for 50 minutes !! We used the time to take some pictures ..

we finally got into the plane  : SilkAir flight number M 221. We had a lot of fun …

And we can’t wait to meet our new friends there.

After we arrieved, we went to eat lunch at “Seoul Garden” by bus. The food was very delicious !! We ate a LOT !!

After lunch, we went on a tour around Singapore. It was very beautiful !. We saw a lot of tall buildings and a LOT of trees and flowers too. We also walk around the Esplanade Theater and saw the Merlion statue. But it was still in renovation process . And we also saw a plaque of Queen Elizabeth Walk too. We had so much fun !!

And finally we had dinner at the foodcourt below the hotel. And after that, we prepared for tomorrow . And then we sleep well. From : Group 2 !!