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We woke up in a wonderful day.We took a bath,had a breakfast,and waited for the bus…

After that,we went to Universal Studio!!

Actually,we are scheduled to go to school..but Pei Hwa..was welcoming a guest..

At Universal Studio,we played some attractions. Such as: “The Revenge of The Mummy”,”Galactica”,”Accelator”.We also watched some shows. Such as:” The Monster Show”,”Light Camera Action”,”4D Cinema “,”The Waterworld”.We got splashed at the waterworld..We’re very very wet!Especially persons that sat at the front row..We HAd So Much FUNNNN!!We did some shopping..

After dinner,we went to Sentosa Island and watched “Song of the Sea”.The story tells about the hero,Lee,that want to save the Princess Amy,Whose sleeping,With his magical song and his friends help,they can awake the Princess..The show was very terrific..The lighting was very cool!!

Sadly,this Wonderful day has to end T_T  :’(

But,It’s okay..we hope we can go to Singapore again next time!!


GrOuP 1

Good Bye Pei Hwa!!! :(

-At hotel
We were very sleepy this morning,we needed some time to wake ourselves.Then we had breakfast.After that,we waited for the bus with our friends an our junior high school friends… Then we rode the bus to school as usual.
-At Pei Hwa
This is our last day at Pei  Hwa Ooo..Nooo….!! we’re very sad :( .But,we celebrated the farewell party happily.Pei Hwa students perform great performances,such as….Gu Zheng playing,Wushu,and gymnastic…and then SHOW TIME!!!we performed 2 songs Flying High and Ku mau cinta Jesus in Chinese…then our friends Michael shared a Hip Hop dance and Chinese speech…and David performed a poem with a title “Wonderful Moment”.Then,we met our buddies we exchanged souvenirs with them.They really looked happy.After that,we went to the Science Center.
-At Science Center
There we saw soooooo many interesting science tools..
There we studied many things about science.
Then we got back to the hotel.

This are the few photos that are really impressive for us:

Well, Ihink thats all from us in Singapore bye

It’s Wednesday!

-At hotel-
We woke up at 05.00. Then we had breakfast at 07.00.We ate so many,the foods were all delicious. After that we waited at the lobby and we also took some pictures… .We road the bus and went to the Mint Museum of toys.
-At the museum-
We saw many old and rare toys.Few of them are really expensive.Even though the toys are old the toys still look new and cared.All of the staffs really take a good care of the toys.Then we bought many strange toys that we never seen before.After that we waited for the bus.We went to Mc Donald by bus after that.
-At MC Donald-
We had lunch.We got the food that we already ordered yesterday.After we ate our food,Miss Jenifer bought us some ice cream .its Really yummy!
-At school-
We joined some Extracuricular or CCA…
Such as Wushu and Robotic…It was absolutely fun and new for us…
After doing the CCA..We went to Lucky Plaza and bought some souvenirs.

We think thats all from us today.Thanks for reading our journal today.We are really happy to share our story..Byeee

Group 1

Wonderful Tuesday…

- At the hotel-
we woke up in a beautiful day. We had breakfast and waited at the lobby. When the bus came, we road the bus to Kuo Chuan then to Pei Hwa.

- At Pei Hwa -
Today, we had a PE lesson with ms. Jennifer. We played some games. Such as : Captain’s ball, Eagle and chicken, etc. We had so much fun. After that, we did an experiment ” The Balloon Rocket ” We had a competition. Sophie’s group won. Then, we learned science about ” Energy ” Then we had lunch and rode the bus to “Lim Chu Kang” Farm.

-At Lim Chu Kang Farm-
We saw so many plants.We got suprised when a chamellion jumped out from the dragon fruit plant.We can add our knowledge about plants.At the farm,there are 2 systems for watering plants,Hydroponic & Aeroponic.
Then we watched a film with a titile “Mission Possible”.It is about farms in Singapore.After that we got back to the hotel.
This is the photos from our activities today:

Well we think that’s all from us…

Thanks for reading..


Group 1

2nd Day @ Singapore

Monday,14 February 2011

Happy Valentine!!!We’re so glad we can celebrate Valentine”s Day at Singapore
-05.00 AM
We got up at 5 am…We were so happy!! Because were going to study at Pei Hwa school. At 06.00 am we gathered at Angela’s room and go together to the restaurant to have breakfast. After breakfast we waited the bus at the lobby.When the bus came,we road the bus to Kuo Chuan and then to Pei Hwa school.

-08.00 AM

We arrived at Pei Hwa.But,we had to wait for an hour cause our lesson starts at 09.00 AM.But,the principal asked us go to the auditorium so we didn’t bored.The principal,Ms.Foo,described about Singapore.After that,we were on the school tour..The teacher explained so much things about Pei Hwa.So intresting!!

things in the Chinese Gallery at Pei Hwa this is one of the things that we saw in Pei Hwa’s Chinese Gallery

Then we had a morning tea.Our buddies from the last year’s exchange programme at Surabaya came..We really missed them.What a really wonderful moment..After that,we started the lesson

We finished our school today.We continued our journey to Marina Bay Sands and Marina Barrage.In Marina Barrage ,we learn about how  important water is.Marina Barrage has 6 Gallery’s,there we saw a prototype..Its so cool.
After that we went back to the bus and came  back to the hotel.

Bye thats all from us in Singapore


Group 1

The WOW Singapore!!

-08.00 WIB
We gathered at Juanda International Airport,Surabaya.
This is the day that we are waiting for.This was the day that we are going to Singapore,after waiting and waiting,some of us were bored,so we sang some songs.Unfortunately,our flight was delayed.And we waited for 50 minutes,AH,SO BORING!!!
Finally,our flight came. We were so happy.Hoaaraayy!!!
-11.25 WIB
We almost forgot.We went to Singapore with Silk Air,MI 221.

-14.23 WIT

We finally landed!We’re so happy!We can’t believe we are in the beautiful city of Singapore!!!We did somethings…After getting off the plane..

But,it took so long again!!After that,We rode the bus go to the ”Seoul Garden” restaurant..Pricillia and Angela were cooking noodles..

After that,we went to Merlion statue and Esplanade Theatre..But we just took picture of the Esplanade Theatre coz the Merlion statue is in renovation..

OK That’s all from us..